Descrição de Vaga

Código: 7260
Título da vaga: Scrum Master (TM)
Local: São Paulo,São Paulo
Região: Outra
Tipo de emprego: PJ
Nível Profissional:
NÍvel Acadêmico: Ensino Superior Completo
Habilidades: Familiarity with DevOps concepts is a plus.
Remuneração Básica: -   - 
Benefícios: 0
Resumo da Vaga: Hands on experience in managing the Web Application Development projects is mandatory.

Hands on experience in managing the Agile scrum projects.

Standups - Facilitate daily standups (daily scrum) as needed.

Sprint planning meetings – Protect the team from over-committing and scope creep. Help in estimation and sub task creation.

Sprint reviews – Participate in the meeting and capture feedback and discuss with the team to implement the feedback.

Retrospectives – Note areas for improvement and action items for future sprints.

Scrum Board administration – Work as the administrator of the scrum board. Ensure that cards are up to date and the scrum tool (Azure DevOps) is working well.

Internal Consulting – coach the team on the scrum processes and ensure everyone understands the importance of the processes.

Project Reporting – Regular analysis of burndown charts, burnup charts, sprint velocity and other portfolio planning tools to understand the performance of the team and plan for improvements.

Blockers/Impediments – help the team by eliminating external blockers and managing internal roadblocks through process or workflow improvements.

Exposure to Azure DevOps is desirable.

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