Descrição de Vaga

Código: 6977
Título da vaga: SOC Tier (2) - Analyst
Local: São Paulo,São Paulo
Região: Outra
Tipo de emprego:
Nível Profissional:
NÍvel Acadêmico: Ensino Superior Completo
Habilidades: Soft Skills:

· Microsoft Office (Advanced)

· Ticketing System (Advanced)

· Documentation (Advanced)

· Problem Solving (Advanced)

· Cyber Kill Chain (Advanced)

· Operational Procedures (Advanced)

· Cyber Incident Response (Advanced)

Technical Skills:

· Malware Analysis (Intermediate)

· Log Analysis (Advanced)

· Network Forensics (PCAP, Packet Analysis, Wireshark, etc.) (Advanced)

· Host Forensics (Advanced)

· SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) (Advanced)

· Email Analysis (Advanced)

· Windows Operating System (Advanced)

· Linux Operating System (Intermediate)

· Mac Operating System (Advanced)

· Endpoint Protection (Advanced)

· Antivirus (Advanced)

· Vulnerability Management (Intermediate)

· Network Security (IDS, Firewalls, Web Proxy, etc.) (Advanced)

· Splunk (Advanced)

· Threat Intelligence (Intermediate)
Remuneração Básica: -   - 
Benefícios: 0
Resumo da Vaga: Expand technical depth of evidence, documentation, artifacts, or investigations carried out by Tier 1.

Identify suspicious traffic.

Analyze malware to determine motivation, artifacts, risk, and any other components relative to supporting the cyber incident investigation.

Collect and analyze full packet captures.

Review and interpret firewall logs.

Collect and analyze memory from endpoint systems.

Design, create, and implement automation scripts provided by Company.

Design IOCs and alert correlations.

Awareness of recent threat intelligence and “zero day” attacks in the industry.

Identify virus outbreaks and manage containment and remediation efforts.

Design and improve protective and detective security technology controls.

Take control of endpoints identified as infected to perform remediation actions, such as running an antivirus, deleting files, closing the process, etc.

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