Descrição de Vaga

Código: 6881
Título da vaga: QA Lead, Automation Lead
Local: São Paulo,São Paulo
Região: Outra
Tipo de emprego: PJ
Nível Profissional:
NÍvel Acadêmico: Ensino Superior Completo
Habilidades: WHAT YOU’LL NEED:

CS Degree and established relevant experience
You are consistently productive and reliable.
You understand the appropriate mix of safety/caution to speed/risk. You are adept and conducting risk analysis and creating test plans that target the essential portions of features to release the most stable, bug-free product possible in support of customer happiness.
You play a contributing role in the design, development and deployment of a successful system. You play a leading role in ensuring that the deployed system is of the highest standard of quality, usability and stability.
You need a good understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle and QA methodology.
You have a good understanding of Agile Methodologies
You continuously improve our quality process across spectrum from test cases to risk analysis, from sign-offs to the utilization of automation.

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Benefícios: 0
Resumo da Vaga: WHAT YOU’LL DO:

Test and ensure high-quality software releases while working in a cross-functional team
Participate in code reviews, attend regular team meetings, and apply software development best practices
Maintain and evolve a suite of automated tests for the products or features owned by your team
Technologies you’ll work with:
• Java
• Selenium
• Jenkins
• Jira
• AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, …)
• Python, PyTest
• Elasticsearch

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