3713 - Software Developer Sr -C# RFQ *** MC01


Descrição de Vaga

Código: 3713
Título da vaga: Software Developer Sr -C# RFQ *** MC01
Local: São Paulo,São Paulo
Região: Outra
Tipo de emprego: PJ
Nível Profissional:
NÍvel Acadêmico: Ensino Superior Completo
Habilidades: Desirable:
o It will be nice if you have bachelor degree (Computer Science, Engineering or co-related)
o NOSQL databases
o HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript

Mandatory Skills:
o Lead change and innovation
o English (Advanced Level)
o Team leader
o Execute for results
o Teamwork
o Prompted pressure
o Behave proactively
o Know how to solve problems
Remuneração Básica: -   - 
Benefícios: 0
Resumo da Vaga: Responsabilities:

• Take end-to-end accountability of software across all phases of delivery lifecycle
• Contribute to risk identification and risk mitigation strategies associated with the architecture
• Ability to translate business requirements into technical design
• Design solutions taking functional and non-functional requirements (performance, security…)
• Lead development teams in the implementation of the technical design
• Enforce software engineering practices across teams
• Sustain a high level of code quality through Extreme Programming practices
• Design automated unit and component tests in compliance with testing strategy
• Provide technical guidance and support to developers
• Ability to evaluate the effort of the activities requested.
• Recognized for the highest level of technical knowledge.
• Develop software, collecting information and verifying the viability of the implementation.
• Responsible to attend the tasks regarding the customer support.
• Responsible for attend change requests/feature enhancements - refine requirements and assist them in progressing the requirement through the release management process.
• Record Metrics for weekly reporting of team's performance
• Work with other engineering functions from design to production to implement test procedures for systems and equipment
• Document the procedures and recommendations for all phases of product tests
• Create Documentation as needed

• English skills (Advanced - speak is required)
• Experience of 7 years or more
• Has worked with Agile methodologies
• Has lead high performing teams leveraging modern software engineering practices
• Product oriented mindset
• Knowledge
o Microservices architecture
o API Governance (Contract Management, versioning…)
o Trunk Based Development and Deployment
o C# (.NET Framework and .NET Core)
o C / C++ foundational knowledge
o Multithreading programming
o RPC communication model
o Performance optimization
o Test driven development

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